2 Weeks left of Summer– how is your reading? ;)

Happy August to you all!!  The summer is flying by we have 2 weeks left!
We have read about 500 books so far, Eagles!  Not quite halfway!
We have a lot more reading to do! Get those kids reading!!!  Remember to keep logging and more importantly keep your Eagles reading this summer (or read to them!). Our goal is 2500 books — this challenge is for incoming Pre-k through 5th graders AND current OHE faculty and parents! We know some of you are logging old school with pen and paper and that is totally cool!
***IMPORTANT NOTE:  Because we are counting PAGES READ this year, if you’re child is logging with pen and paper, PLEASE indicate TOTAL pages read! 🙂  THANK YOU!
All participants will be recognized, and grade level winners will get a special treat! 😉

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