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The Witches by Roald Dahl


“The Witches” is one of Roald Dahl’s many magnificent works of writing. The book is about witches who plan to wipe out the child population because of reasons you must find out yourself. It is from the point of view of a boy who has had many encounters with witches. It is a tale about children, witches, and lots of mice. If you want to know what I’m talking about, read “The Witches” today!

Review by a girl entering Kindergarten


Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows

Thea Stilton Book

I like Thea Stilton books because they are filled with mystery and my five favorite mice, the Thea Sisters!  In this story the sisters help their new friend Carlotta, a fabulous dancer win the competition.  But first they have to find out who is behind all the pranks that are in the way of Carlotta winning.

Book reviewed by a girl entering 1st grade.

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

cap under

The principal is Captain Underpants and he turns into Captain Underpants when people snap. Also, there is a giant talking toilet and he tried to eat everyone. I liked this book because it is funny. It is a quick read, too. You should read it!

Book review by Kai, entering grade 2

Student Book Review: Warriors: The Fourth Apprentice by Erin Hunter

I kind of like this book. It was an interesting topic. Then again, Erin Hunter always writes interesting topics. This book was about three cats that have special powers. They thought there was a drought, but really beavers were blocking the stream into their lake. So the cats had to work together.

People who like fantasy adventure would like this book because it is exactly that: fantasty and adventure.

Reviewed by Kyle, entering grade 5

Author Mac Barnett

Inspired Reading

Author Mac Barnett visited Oak Hill Elementary in the Spring of 2012 inspiring many kids to pick up his mystery series about the Brixton Brothers. What will inspire your students this summer to keep reading?