10 DAYS to GO! Are you ready for school to start?

Hi Eagles!

School starts in 10 DAYS! As we get ready for all our back to school preparations, continue to read to get those brain muscles working hard again! We have reached the 1000 book mark- we have 1,500 more to go to get to our goal of 2,500!! Come on, Eagle Readers!


COUNTDOWN: 5 more weeks to GO! Only ~600 Books recorded!

HI there Eagles!

We have only 5 more weeks before the first day of school! I hope you have enjoyed some swimming by the pool, a few rainy days, and fun travel plans as well!¬† We have about ~600 books recorded… We are only a quarter of the way to our goal of 2,500 books!

Have you had time to READ?

IN our home, we have traveled around the world in 21 balloons, played football with 2 NFL players/brothers, and adopted at least 4 puppies… all by reading a good book! ūüôā

Don’t forget to log your books these last few weeks!!!


We are one month into summer! How’s that reading coming along?

Hi there Eagles!

Tomorrow is the last day of June- whew!  The summer if flying by!  Have you been reading this summer?  Learn about a new animal!  Get lost in a mystery!  Start a new series!  And most importantly, LOG those books! 




Welcome the first day of summer with a great book!  Great job, Eagles on finishing the school year well!

As you read, dont forget to log your books on our ONLINE READING LOG!


Happy Reading!

The Witches by Roald Dahl


“The Witches” is one of Roald Dahl’s many magnificent works of writing. The book is about witches who plan to wipe out the child population because of reasons you must find out yourself. It is from the point of view of a boy who has had many encounters with witches. It is a tale about children, witches, and lots of mice. If you want to know what I’m talking about, read “The Witches” today!

Review by a girl entering Kindergarten

Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows

Thea Stilton Book

I like Thea Stilton books because they are filled with mystery and my five favorite mice, the Thea Sisters!  In this story the sisters help their new friend Carlotta, a fabulous dancer win the competition.  But first they have to find out who is behind all the pranks that are in the way of Carlotta winning.

Book reviewed by a girl entering 1st grade.

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

cap under

The principal is Captain Underpants and he turns into Captain Underpants when people snap. Also, there is a giant talking toilet and he tried to eat everyone. I liked this book because it is funny. It is a quick read, too. You should read it!

Book review by Kai, entering grade 2

Earthquake in the Early Morning by Mary Pope Osborne


Jack and Annie wake up and go to the magic tree house were they find a note from Morgan to help save Camelot they have to find 4 special writings to save it Jack and Annie find the book for the last writing they go to California were a terrible Earthquake happens and Annie falls in a crack! She cant get up so Jack gives her some bricks and she finely gets up. after it was over Jack Annie find a family  with 2 little boys and 1 aunt the 2 little boys were bare foot with cuts on there feet. Jack and Annie give them there shoes and the boys give them the last writing! Jack Annie hurry to the tree house and wish they cold go home. then Morgan appeared and led them to her library filled with books. Jack and Annie give the things to king Arthur and went home.

Book review by Sage, entering grade 2

Log Fort Adventures by Edith McCall


Log fort adventures describes stories of settlers in Kentucky. ¬†One story describes James Harrod starting a settlement called Harrodsburge. ¬†Another describes James Ray going out in the middle of the night to get meat for Harrodsburge, and he was only seventeen years old.¬†Another story describes Daniel Boone’s daughter and her two best friends get captured by Native Americans and are going to the Native Americans camp when they are rescued by Daniel Boone and a search party.

Reviewed by Ashton, entering grade 5

May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

may bird and the ever after

It is a very exiting book about a live human in the dead world.

Reviewed by Katherine entering grade 5