The awesome Oak Hill library will be closed during summer, but student entering grade 3, 4 or 5 can still sign up for Camp Bluebonnet with Ms. Underwood this summer!  Dates and registration information can be found here.

Other ideas to keep readers engaged this summer.  Don’t stop with fiction!  Search for books associated with:

  • geography – where are you going for vacation, land of your ancestors, location of a favorite animal or food
  • learn new hobbies – find “how-to” books written for kids about chess, knitting, magic tricks, origami, etc.
  • science – get a jump start on next year’s Science Project, environment, animals, space, weather, gardening
  • biographies – hometown heroes of  a vacation destination, historical figures, who did YOU want to be when you were young?
  • before they were movies – it’s a universal truth: the book is ALWAYS better than the movie
  • favorite toys – you can find quality reading material about American Girl dolls, Lego, Star Wars, even Minecraft
  • feeling nostalgic –  do you remember Frog and Toad, Mad Libs, Little House on the Prairie, or anything by Shel Silverstein?

Kids love technology!  Pull out your smartphone, tablet or sit down at a computer.  You can find FREE eBooks online with iTunes or from the Austin Public Library.